How do I buy items via online auction?

June 05, 2020

Online bidding is simple and easy!

Buying in Online Auctions

Participating in online auctions is essentially a form of online shopping--except of course it is more *fun*. There is almost a sense of competition to it. You see the catalog post online anywhere from a day to a week before online bidding begins. So, you map out the items you want to make yours and get ready for the games to begin. 

The process:

- View the auction catalog

-Register for the auction: simply enter in your information and create a bidder account, or log in if you are an existing bidder

-Start placing bids on items you wish to win

-Get into bidding wars with other bidders

-Continue bidding until time runs out and you win your items!

On a more serious note, buying through online auction is a great way to get new items, antique items, recreational equipment, commercial equipment, real estate, buy from business liquidations and estates, firearms and more---ALL from the comfort of your home. With the current times and uncertainties with putting yourself in public places, this is a great way to shop for items without subjecting yourself. We hold frequent Home Depot auctions which consist of overstock items, shelf pulls, returns, etc--these auctions are great for tools, home organization and home improvement needs. We also regularly hold consignment and estate auctions where you can find a large variety of household items including antique and modern furniture, appliances, artwork and decor, kitchen supplies, etc. 

We do our best to post as many pictures needed to each item so you can see exactly what you are receiving, as well as being open to the public for previewing so you can take a look in person for yourself! 

Once the online bidding is closed, the remainder of the week we are open for item pick up, or if you aren't local, we offer shipping.

If you are experienced with bidding in our online auctions, let us know what you think of the experience and why you enjoy the process.